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2012-12-26 05:55 pm
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HMD Post

How's My Driving?

Let me know how you think I'm doing with Set and The Beast!  Please just keep in mind he is an AU version of Cu Chulainn so he might play a little differently than you expect.  That's part of the adventure!  If you don't know all the details of his story, check out his bio post here.
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2012-12-22 08:17 pm

Happy Now, Baby?

Okay, so I made it.  Will you stop giving me the look now?  Just remember you're the one who wanted me to now that we will have to be watching TWO journals AND The Network to keep track of how our lives are being violated.

And you know I'm not going to use this much, right?

The Beast....well he might be a different story.  Just keep your eyes open in case he does post something here that needs your attention.  I'm not taking anything about him for grated at the moment considering how he's been acting.

...Cause we both know how bad it would be if he screwed up that geis.  Let's hope he knows how bad it would be too and wasn't just playing when he swore it.