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AU Character Information Post

AU Character Information:

Character Background:

Set's hails from the true ending of the The Unlimited Blade Works Route of Fate Stay Night.  Here is a link to his general wiki article, while here is a link to an article that focuses on that route itself.  Finally, here is a link to an article that summarizes Cu Chulainn's legend.

After dying in the 5th war, Set is returned to the Throne of Heroes where he remains until the Throne shatters and all of the heroes on it are released into the world.  Much like Dia, he is soon approached by the Mage's Association to fight in the Great War.  Never one to turn down a fight, Set is paired up with Dia and the two fight together through most of the war.

However, life is never that simple for Set and he soon realizes that things aren't quite right with him.  After Dia is attacked one night by someone who looks suspiciously like him, they discover that his Berserker side has expressed itself in a unique way--as a split personality soon named The Beast.

Aside from a few incidents during the war, The Beast is fairly quiet and something that Set is able to keep under control.  It is only once the war ends and the threat of Dia leaving rises,  does The Beast start making himself more of a problem.  Since the two heroes have hit it off so well, they eventually settle into a place together to see what they can work out with The Beast before parting ways.

The parting never happens as The Beast soon shows that Dia is the only person who he will listen to.  In addition, Set and Dia soon realize that they are starting to have feeling for each other and eventually become a couple.  Dia takes responsibility with the Association for keeping The Beast in check and Set does his best to take care of Dia.

Unfortunately, things don't work that smoothly for them.  The Beast often severely injuries Dia during their bouts,  leaving Set dreading the times when he wakes from a transformation for it often means having to literally put his lover back together.  Waking up to find Dia uninjured physically isn't always the better result, though, because Set can at least heal physical wounds.  He has no way of healing the mental ones that The Beast so often loves inflicting.

Because The Beast can so easily take him over when he is emotionally charged, Set has basically placed himself under house arrest because he is unwilling to risk someone or something upsetting him out in public.  If The Beast hurts any one besides Dia that would break both of their contracts.  So, despite his growing restlessness, Set remains mostly confined within the house.

His growing restlessness is one of the reasons that Set is so supportive of Dia creating The Network to find other servants.  Despite his instance that he doesn't want a journal to post on, Set actually is looking forward to having a way to connect to other people.  Since he can't go to them, he will let Dia bring them in to him.

Dia's journal doesn't disappoint as the first person it finds is Bazett, the woman who should have been Set's master in the 5th war.  Unfortunately, as a result of the Shatter, Bazett has no memory of her past.  She still has her runic skills, though, and she uses them to set a geis on The Beast and Set to help keep The Beast more under control.

As of right now, the geis seems to be working, but Set is quickly realizing that just because The Beast can't hurt Dia physically, doesn't mean he can't hurt him mentally.  His latest trick has been hinting that Dia has some kind of dark, evil thing sleeping inside of him.  Set doesn't believe this to be true and is doing his best to help undo the mental damage that The Beast is doing.

Character Personality:

As might be expected from the Heroic Spirit Cu Chulainn, Set is always ready with a joke or a tease.  However, unlike what might be expected from said Heroic Spirit, Set often uses that joking and teasing to hide the anger and frustration that has become so much a part of his life.  He's frustrated that he can't control The Beast; he's frustrated he can't protect Dia like he should be able to; he's frustrated he can't do any of the things he wants to do.  Most of all, though, he's angry that the Association knows all of these things and seems to enjoy using them against them.  Even more frustrating for  Set is that there is nothing he can do about it.  If he or the Beast make even one little misstep, it will doom both himself and Dia.

Unfortunately, being angry and frustrated all the time is not a good combination if Set wants to keep The Beast under control.  That is why Set has learned to have very exacting control over his emotions.  And if he can't control them, he masks them behind his well known relaxed and easy going nature.  In reality, though, there isn't much left of that easy going nature.  Dealing with The Beast has forced him to become much more serious and aware of the results of his actions.

Despite the fact that Set has no way to control The Beast, he is deeply ashamed every time The Beast hurts Dia be it physically or mentally.  Each injury is a glaring example of yet another failure to protect one he claims to love and that is why he has been known to go to some extreme lengths to make things up to Dia.  He doesn't care if his pride takes a hit in the process.  He just wants to make Dia's recovery easier.  And it doesn't matter how much Dia says he doesn't need to go to such lengths.  Set will always feel that he is responsible for The Beast's actions and since he is so, he will clean up any 'messes' The Beast makes to his very high specifications.

Deep down Set is also lonely and just a little scared.  He knows how easy it would be for The Beast to ruin the little family he and Dia have worked so hard to create.  It kills him that he can't guarantee to Dia that all his is working so hard on won't be ruined by The Beast.

It also kills him that while he knows how emotionally messed up and vulnerable Dia is, there is little he can do to help his partner because complex emotions like those Dia is dealing with are something that Set doesn't understand very well.  So, all he can do is sit back and watch as Dia starts to slowly fall apart.

Character Powers and Other Miscellaneous Information:

Set is a blended Heroic Spirit having skills from all three of the classes he could have been summoned into--Lancer, Caster and Berserker.  He has limited access to his runic skills, he uses Gae Bolg as his primary weapon, and has to deal with The Beast as a personification of his Berserker traits.

While the Beast primarily uses his claws in fights, Set still relies on Gae Bolg as his weapon of choice.  Please see this page for an explanation of how the weapon works.

Currently, Set can only reliably use certain runes-primarily those dealing with healing.  Only recently, did Set realize that this isn't because of the class blending he had undergone, but because The Beast is purposely using his instability to block access to any runes that might be used to restrain him.

The Beast is the personification of Set's Berserker traits in the form of a split personality.  While it is easier for The Beast to take control of Set's body when Set is feeling some kind of strong emotion, The Beast can also take over the body at will.  Despite being the owner of the body, Set has no control over when their personalities shift.  In fact, there have been times when The Beast says he can hear Set yelling at him, but even though Set himself is desperate for control it is still The Beast who gets to chose when he can come back out.  In addition, The Beast seems to have control over what Set can or cannot remember.  Sometimes The Beast will let Set see what is happening while he is out of control and sometimes Set will come back to himself with no memory at all about what happened.

When The Beast lets Set back into control, Set is often groggy and confused for several minutes.  He is also extremely exhausted with the exhaustion becoming worse the longer The Beast is in control.  On the other hand, when Set changes to The Beast, the chance is nearly  instantaneous and causes his hair to change from blue to an inky blue black. His skin will also pale and his eyes will change from white and red to black and red. In addition to those changes, his hands will also sprout very sharp claws.

The Beast's personality can shift from bestial insanity to child-like calm to sane adult and back again at the drop of a hat making him very hard to predict and control, though when he surfaces, The Beast usually wants one of two things--either to talk or to fight.  Both of these things Dia takes care of but the fighting often leaves him severely injured despite the fact that The Beast cares for Dia just as much as Set does.  The Beast just doesn't know how to properly show it and becomes overprotective and violent when Dia is threatened even slightly.  This especially applies to the times when Dia ends up hurting himself because of his self-sacrificing nature.

For most people it would be easy to dismiss The Beast's claims that he loves Dia because they can't believe that anyone could so badly hurt someone they claim to love so much.  However, as paradoxical as it might seem, it has been when The Beast has hurt Dia the worst that he has also been protecting him the most.  An example of this happened one night when Set had been drinking.  The Beast came out and knew that his restraints would be lowered because of the alcohol in his system.  When he realized that the fight was quickly spiraling out of control, he ended it by severing Dia's spine.  Such a serious injury was the only way he could guarantee that Dia would stop fighting because if they had continued The Beast knew that the fight would have ended with Dia's death.

Unfortunately, while The Beast can recognize complex emotion better than Set can, he doesn't know how to deal with that emotion any better than Set does.  He still tries, though, often with disastrous results since the one thing he truly fears is losing Dia.  This fear is something that The Association is well aware of which is why they call Dia The Beast's Leash.  They know that if they ever really need to control The Beast, they just need to control Dia.  If they do, The Beast will do anything they tell him to even if Set is screaming no in the background.

Though The Beast is only sometimes lucid, during those times he has proven to be extremely observant and competent.  No one is sure why, but he also seems to be able to sense things that others can't perhaps because of his animalistic nature.  Unfortunately, any information he learns he delivers to others as he sees fit often misleading or outright lying if he feels like it.

The Beast also has stated that he cares very little for honor, loyalty and many of the other things that would be dear to Set as a warrior.  Indeed, it seems like the only thing that Set and The Beast really have in common is their love for Dia and their hatred of the Association.