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Happy Now, Baby?

Okay, so I made it.  Will you stop giving me the look now?  Just remember you're the one who wanted me to now that we will have to be watching TWO journals AND The Network to keep track of how our lives are being violated.

And you know I'm not going to use this much, right?

The Beast....well he might be a different story.  Just keep your eyes open in case he does post something here that needs your attention.  I'm not taking anything about him for grated at the moment considering how he's been acting.

...Cause we both know how bad it would be if he screwed up that geis.  Let's hope he knows how bad it would be too and wasn't just playing when he swore it.

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I realize you aren't going to want to use this a lot and it's fine. Honestly, I am actually kind of hoping that The Beast will use it from time to time. Maybe his posts will help point us toward something that will help us better understand what has been going on with him lately. Or maybe he will somehow feel more free to speak this way than face to face even if it is just to rant and rage a bit. Better that than him doing something that will break the geis.

There is a modern saying about not borrowing trouble. Lets worry about having more journals to watch only if they actually start posting things without our knowledge. If they do, then we will have to watch them. If they don't then we know that maybe it is just my journal that is being weird and not the whole computer or network. Any bit of information we can get about all of this is going to be welcome.
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I guess you have one of these too...

[Guess who just set up her own journal?]
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Re: video

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"...So you intend for him to channel his rage on the internet."

Apparently, this meant the Beast was going to join the legions of internet malcontents.

"I hope this will not get out of hand.
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Re: video

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"I do not know..."

If all the comments left even on computer usage tutorials were any indication, people lost control easily over the internet.

"But the idea for the notes seems good. Of course, that would be assuming that the Beast can put its thoughts into the written and not just spoken word. Does he have any access to your computer skill?"
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Re: video

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Her palm smacks into her forehead.


The words come out louder than she expected.

"H-how? Why?"

Even as a Berserker, she could tell that what the Beast had did had been A VERY BAD IDEA!
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Re: video

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"Is there any way to call him out. I...I think I really need to say something to him."

Bazett is barely refraining from smashing the computer, if only because she objectively recognizes that it would not solve the problem.

"Then again, given those sorts of tricks, perhaps the internet will be the best abode for him!"
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Re: video

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"Hopefully I can talk him out of that line of thought. If not, then we might have to work from Dia's end."

To tell the truth, she is not sure how to handle this. She is no expert in psychology. At best, she knows how memories or mind-alteration spells work. But she has no idea as to emotions.
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Re: video

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If this was not through a computer monitor, she would have had him by the collar now.

"Do you realize that what you just did almost defeated the purpose of the geis in the first place? Even if we ignored Diarmuid's emotional trauma, it was extremely foolish of you to provoke the Association!"
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Re: video

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"I would stand by you if it came to that. But we must not waste our efforts. You do not know what those Enforcers are capable of."

If it was true that a good number of Servants had already been apprehended, then the Association's members must be quite powerful.

"Even if we escape with our lives, we might not be able to save anyone else."
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Re: video

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She growls. As someone who wished for Cu Chulainn's happiness, she would not allow the Beast to bring him to such an end.

"There you go again, speaking about this darkness. If you cannot be honest with the Association, be honest with me. Is there something abnormal within Diarmuid."
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Re: video

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"You are closer to him than I am. You should know better than I whether or not anything is out of the ordinary with him. If it is simply an emotional issue, then describe it as such. But...why do you ask about evil?"
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Re: video

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"Is there any way to cure him? Runes? Church blessings? An operation?"

She has to wonder how much of her own mind has been corrupted. As of now, she feels fine. The only time she had lost control was against the Beast.
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Re: video

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"The Corruption was able to break the Throne. What do you think it can do if left upon this Earth? I would rather that Diarmuid be freed of it as soon as possible. Else it could get out of control."

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