thebeastwithin: Set-Dual (Dual)
Set ([personal profile] thebeastwithin) wrote 2012-12-24 09:22 pm (UTC)

Re: video

The Beast slowly opens his other eye, his grin widening. It's obvious that her outburst really isn't affecting him at all.

"They don't concern me in the slightest. They are all fools and someday, should they do as they said they will, they will be dead fools. I will NEVER let them lay a hand on my Little Bird," His eyes narrow menacingly. "They would be even greater fools than I think them to be to try, though I will relish taking their lives if they do. I will welcome the chance. I haven't killed in far too long...

"As for my Little Bird, if he would just realize what is there and embrace it, he would not be so often hurt. But, I cannot make him do this. It is his choice and his alone."

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