shatteredservice: Dia-Red (Red)
Dia ([personal profile] shatteredservice) wrote in [personal profile] thebeastwithin 2012-12-23 02:52 am (UTC)

I realize you aren't going to want to use this a lot and it's fine. Honestly, I am actually kind of hoping that The Beast will use it from time to time. Maybe his posts will help point us toward something that will help us better understand what has been going on with him lately. Or maybe he will somehow feel more free to speak this way than face to face even if it is just to rant and rage a bit. Better that than him doing something that will break the geis.

There is a modern saying about not borrowing trouble. Lets worry about having more journals to watch only if they actually start posting things without our knowledge. If they do, then we will have to watch them. If they don't then we know that maybe it is just my journal that is being weird and not the whole computer or network. Any bit of information we can get about all of this is going to be welcome.

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